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"I want to say thank you for all the moments that you loved our little Q. Because of you, and all the seeds of love that you planted into his little spirit, he has a solid foundation to launch into his future."

"Thank you for teaching and taking such wonderful care of Ethan and Delaney over the last 7 years. You are all wonderful and we will miss you!"

"Thank you. Oh that last day notice-put a tear in my eye. I'm turning in my survey today or tomorrow and there wasn't any room for comments but I want you guys to know how much peace you have brought to my family. You did it a gazillion years ago with Zach & Ty and then again with Isaiah and again with my granddaughter. I feel so blessed to have had you and all the staff be a part of my kids' lives. Especially Isaiah with his rough start to life. It's so important for all the kids to know "security", love, empathy and compassion. You are all providing it on a daily basis in every classroom. Be confident in that!! Words cannot express how much I have loved you being a part of our lives." 

"Dear Country Dawn team,

    Thank you so much for all of the wonderful times! Bells has learned so much & grown so much here. She loves all of you so much and is going to miss it here. Hopefully with this as her first step, the rest of her schooling will be just as good and who knows the amazing things she will do or the places she'll go! You have all been so supportive, nurturing and kind! I'm so glad we both met all of you & shaved so much time together!!"


"Words cannot express how grateful I am to Country Dawn, Thank you for taking such great care of my boys for the last 6 years."

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