Elevate Music has been incorporated into our curriculum a few times a month on Monday's. 

"Our internationally recognized early childhood music program is grounded in educational research into the ways young children learn music as their brains develop. Research has shown that Music Together promotes not only musical development but also parent-child bonding, early brain development, and foundational social skills." -Elevate Music Together



Meet the Instructor 

Ashley Westerman



Founder and Director of Elevate Music Together, Ashley is a certified Music Together® teacher trained under the co-founder of Music Together, Lili M. Levinowitz, Ph.D. Ashley has been a music and band teacher in the classroom, sung in a variety of professional settings, and plays the trumpet and piano. She has a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education from Michigan State University.

As a Music Together teacher, experienced classroom teacher, and also a Music Together mom, Ashley loves kids and knows firsthand the benefits of providing a high quality musical experience for both her children and yours. She is passionate about building musical community that enriches a child’s musical environment and enjoyment, and loves to find developmentally suitable and learning-style specific methods of inspiring musical exploration and creativity.

Ashley lives in Lake Stevens with her husband and their three adorably musical children